So you think you want a Doberman…

Through this questionnaire we will get to know more about you, and your household. That way we can help find the best puppy that will integrate seamlessly into your household after leaving ours. Please fill out the following application and submit. If we fail to get back to you promptly, please feel free to call or text directly at 813-843-8683

Please read and acknowledge the following:

1. The dog’s new home will be made safe and comfortable, and he/she will be treated as a member of the family.

2. The puppy will not be allowed to run free in any open areas and will always be under control of the owner in public places.

3. The puppy will not be left out in the yard unattended and ignored for any period of time. Dobermans are highly sensitive and intelligent dogs and can get themselves in trouble if left unsupervised at a young age.

4. This dog will follow all guidelines for vaccination, and be kept on heart-worm and flea preventative (year-round if in Fl)

5. Lastly, make an effort to provide structure and training during puppyhood, make sure your puppy is conditioned to spend time alone, Dobermans tend to get separation anxiety, and this must be avoided from a young age.

6. If at any time you are unwilling or unable to care for this dog you are REQUIRED to contact us (the breeder) so that we may assist in placing him/her. Please note this is not a contract, you are filling out a questionnaire to help the breeder determine suitability as a possible future home. If approved, you will then receive our contract and deposit information to reserve your pup! I represent that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge.